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Hi I'm Lyn Penman the UK’s leading solution focused mental health expert.

Through my innovative self-developed mental health management method The Now Step® I support organisations, business owners and professionals to manage mental health, unwanted habits and compulsive behaviours.

The Now Step® method brings together psychotherapy, hypnosis, mindfulness, psychoeducation & neuroscience and 15 years’ experience of managing mental health both personally and professionally. I teach a new way that doesn’t bring up the past but rather empowers and educates on finding a calm and confident solution to the future. A result driven and proven method that has seen client improvements in mental wellness of over 1000%.

I started my career as a Midwife before working as a Key Accounts Manager for a large organisation. When I had my four children within six years, I experienced the effects of burnout and stress first-hand. This led to three years of living with the straitjacket that is anxiety and poor mental health (and some days thinking I actually was going to get taken away in a straitjacket!) I managed to overcome this period by trying various therapies (I tried everything) reading every book under the sun, learning how to meditate, attending courses, and studying to educate myself about how the mind and body works. I decided to make it my mission to share all my knowledge, training and life changing techniques with others and developed The Now Step® method which I have successfully delivered to thousands of clients.

There are lots of ways to work with me- I work 1-2-1 and with small groups. I also have a monthly membership called The Now Step Community.

I have such a passion for life and I enjoy yoga, sea swimming, walking, and spending as much time outdoors as I can (when the Scottish weather allows!) I look forward to getting to know you and to helping you find your solution.

I'm also a best selling author...

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