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Founder of The Now Step Method & You V Anxiety Membership | Best Selling Author | Psychotherapist | Stuck anxiety expert

The Now Step® Method-

Manage your mental health without going over the past.

A unique, fun and results driven method that has already helped thousands of people.

  • Bringing together psychotherapy, hypnosis, mindfulness, neuroscience, and psychoeducation. BUT all in a solution-focused way.

  • With intentional and mindful living at the forefront. Encouraging you to live life feeling alive, energised and mentally well.

  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind using powerful psychological and hypnotic techniques

  • You can work with Lyn 1-2-1 or by joining her low cost monthly membership You V anxiety.

We need to turn conventional mental health management on it's head!

The Now Step® method does the opposite of conventional mental health management.

We are brought up to believe we need to heal our past. Anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health conditions are often blamed on our upbringing or our past. Current mental health management takes you back over your past. It goes back over the painful memories and events.

With The Now Step method you will NEVER go over your past.

Because your SOLUTION is here and now.

Your solution is living life from The Now Step.

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