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The Now Step®- The solution to being mentally well.

January 27, 20232 min read

The solution:

I want you to imagine that right now you are standing on a step. The step has N-O-W written on it. Imagine that I come along with a big stamp with N-O-W written on it and stamp it to your feet.

You are now on The Now Step®


Take a moment just to imagine yourself firmly on The Now Step®

The problem is your mind doesn’t live on The Now Step®

You see the nature of your mind wants to take you into the past or the future.

When you step FORWARDS OFF The Now Step® into the future…….


  • 1 hour from now……..playing out the conversation you are about to have with your boss

  • 1 week from now…………..future projecting about what is going to go wrong with your party

  • 1 year from now…………..imagining worst case scenario about paying bills or about your children moving to University

 Fear and anxiety:

You are only ever going to feel worry, fear and ANXIETY.

Similarly when you step BACKWARDS OFF The Now Step® into the past……


  • 1 hour ago from now…………annoyed with yourself about the way you spoke to an employee

  • 1 week ago from now………….guilty about the screaming match with your teenager

  • 1 year ago from now………….upset replaying memories from a relationship that has broken down or about a family member you have lost

You are only ever going to feel sadness, regret, guilt and DEPRESSION.

 Emotions and feelings:

It’s the way your mind works. It’s the emotions and feelings you get when you are off The Now Step®

The Now Step® and present moment living is not our natural go to as human beings.

Our natural go to is future and past living.

Learn how:

By learning HOW to stay on The Now Step® and understanding how to manage your mind and your thoughts to stay on The Now Step® you will find freedom from anxiety, stress, low mood, depression, and other mental health conditions.

It is a way of living that must be learned. And it can be learned easily to allow you to feel calm, contented, and happy. To allow you to easily navigate the chaos of life.

It’s the solution to good mental health and wellbeing.

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Lyn Penman

GLOBAL LEADING SOLUTION FOCUSED MENTAL HEALTH EXPERT Founder of The Now Step Method | Best Selling Author | Psychotherapist | Mindfulness Expert | Cold Water Therapy Practitioner

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